Diasporan Relations

Office for Diaspora Engagement and Collaborations

The University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) has a vision to provide world-class health care, training, and research. The diaspora engagement and collaborations office is housed at the Medical and Scientific Research Centre (MSRC). The Office aims to provide the avenue for Africans and others in the diaspora who want to share their knowledge and skills with UGMC, to do so in a hassle-free manner.

The critical shortage of Human Resources for Health (HRH) in many developing countries remains a barrier to attaining their health system goals. At UGMC, we hope to bridge this gap by engaging our colleagues in the diaspora to help in training, research and medical care.

The UGMC Office for Diaspora Engagement and Collaborations Office aims to:

  • Promote collaborations in training, medical services, science, and technology transfer
  • Facilitate collaborative cutting-edge translational research which we hope will help discover new treatments methods and procedures.

The Diaspora Office is committed to making medical service, research, and education seamless for local and international health care providers and investigators and welcomes faculty from international universities and organizations to conduct their research at UGMC. The office also welcomes doctors, researchers, and scientists in the diaspora to partner with us and contribute their skills to health care provision and research.

Core Activities

  1. Research Partnerships

    Collaborations between faculty members from two or more partnering institutions both local and international to pursue research based on mutual interests to the institutions involved. The Diaspora Office creates an enabling environment for collaboration with industry, non-governmental organisations, and top universities around the world. Areas of research focus include epidemiology, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, cardiovascular genetics, maternal fetal medicine, regenerative medicine, transplant medicine, infectious diseases, big data science, and clinical trials.
  2. Exchange Programmes

    UGMC-MSRC fosters partnerships with other institutions. These partnerships involve local institutions such as universities, research institutions and thinktanks as well as foreign institutions. This enables UGMC staff and researchers, and the diaspora researchers and health workers from institutions that partnerships have been developed, to have the opportunity to visit each other within a defined period. The purpose is to facilitate participation in an ongoing study; medical services, training and conferences and all other activities that promotes knowledge transfer and acquisition among participating individuals and institutions. We welcome medical students, residents, students and other health personnel to UGMC.
  3. Medical service provision and outreaches

    UGMC-Diaspora Office creates an avenue for doctors, nurses and other health personnel in the diaspora who want to teach medical skills, procedures or offer their services at UGMC. We will help with the necessary regulatory licensing, suggest options for travel, visa and accommodation arrangements and other logistics that may be needed.

Dr. Abena Engman

Head, Office for Diaspora engagement and collaboration & HOD for Grants Management and Administration.
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